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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Clean Up?

Dear Holly,
Christmas is over and family visitors are leaving. I really want to get my home in order for the New Year, but to be honest, I am OVERWHELMED! Everything is such a mess, and I honestly don't know where to start. It is beginning to make me depressed, just looking at the mounds of stuff and clutter all over my house. When I start to clean it up, I take so much time that the rooms get even more messy before they get better, and even my husband is beginning to comment. My husband and my kids help out, but I can't have them do this all day every day - I really think this will take me months to do a serious de-clutter. Do you have any tips to help me pull things together quickly, yet still do a thorough job?

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  1. I understand your situation, especially when you want to do a good de-clutter and not just superficially put things away - we know that stowing clutter just comes back to haunt us, usually by the very next day (if it takes that long!) Plus, we know that too much stuff adds to our workload and burdens our spirits and causes a certain type of deafness in hearing God's voice - our minds and hearts are filled with the very same 'stuff' that surrounds us!

    A really good way to get immediate results while taking the time to do a thorough de-clutter job is:

    Walk through your house with baskets and boxes, and pick up all the non-essential stuff lying around everywhere and all over the tops of things, and even inside some cupboards and drawers that we know have too much irrelevant stuff, and clear the house of all that you don't 'need' to live.

    For things you 'need' like office supplies or files or kitchen materials, put away in drawers what must stay, even if they are filled to the brim and still look cluttered.

    Clear the rooms so that your house looks bare, spacious and then clean it!

    Enlist the kids or hubby to take each and every box to a separate room set aside as a 'junk room'. When you put the boxes in, put things in piles in an orderly way - the living room boxes in that corner, the kitchen boxes in that corner, etc. Can't find a whole room for sorting space? Ask two kids to share a bedroom for a few months!

    Then, schedule a set time 4 or 5 times a week - perhaps 15 or 30 minutes or an hour a day, and begin to sort thoroughly.

    For the 'needs' that stayed in your house but are inside drawers and cupboards and filing cabinets, just start here. Doing a little every day(instead of too much at a time) helps you to keep in the "What do I really need?" mode

    Do your storage room last as these things were less essential. It could be a month or two from now. Be brutal... give away, throw away, and store only a very small amount, since everything you 'need' is already in the rest of your house being used...

    For this type of "procedural de-clutter" where you need to go a bit slowly and sort things gradually, you may find helpful hints on . She's a gem and can provide motivation and guidance as you go.