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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Can I Creat a Rule With a Newborn?

Dear Holly,
I am most enthusiastic to start my Mother's Rule of Life right away, however, with a newborn, I feel absolutely paralyzed as my schedule is literally being run by our precious new addition!
I desperately need to bring "order" to my life and am wondering if you have any recommendations describing how to implement a "Mother's Rule" with a newborn, or... do you recommend I wait until she is a bit older? I am currently homeschooling my 9 yr-old and 3-yr-old (both girls) as well.
Any direction/help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I think I began my first rule when my baby was about 8 months old, I think. But I think it is reasonable to begin earlier. While you are nursing and not getting enough sleep and all that, it is not realistic to look at a complete rule.

    Instead, start with setting your meal times and implementing your chores around meal times.

    Set up your prayer times, which often work very well with a nursing baby morning, noon and night.

    Choose a day for your weekly house clean with your family.

    And most importantly, when you have time, go through your house and put in boxes or baskets everything you don't and won't absolutely need for a month or so, and clean out your main living areas so it looks clean and decluttered and put the boxes and baskets out of the way in a spare room or hall or wherever it's out of the main living space.

    From this point forward, as you find time, spend 15 or 30 minutes a day, a few times a week, starting to tidy, sort and declutter your home, going through the stuff you stored only when your living space has been brought under control. "Minimalism" is a good decorating style to start with and you'll feel refreshed by the 'clean' feeling.

    Then, focus on meals & chores three times a day, your prayer, and attending to baby and homeschooling as you can. This ought to get you started.

  2. I thank God for this post! I too have an infant, 3 1/2 months, this post was God's merciful love.

  3. Wonderful... :-)

  4. How do in do all of this AND move?

  5. You can't.
    Then create your rule over 3-6 months.