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Friday, September 7, 2012

That Myth of "Super-Mom"...

Dear Holly
i ran across your web page while looking for an ideas for routine
for my home. i have 4 young children... the oldest go to a private christian school where over the summer they offered me the Job as head of the kitchen. we serve 500 meals a day,an i am in "charge" of all f it from the ordering to clean up. the good
part is my younger children are more than welcome as the whole campus is
completely family oriented. but my days are chaos! my husband works 10-14
hr days 5-7 days a week and he doesn't know the lord(yet).my youngest
child wakes up fighting an arguing with someone. i try to give everyone
the same amount of time an attention but it seems no one gets undivided
attention even during dinner and until the last is a sleep i feel like a
referee not to mention my house stays a wreck. the are all in bed between
8 & 9 then it is 12 or 1 before i get to bed and nothing in the house
actually completely done. i just need a little peace in this busy day i
want my kids to grow up very close to one another and responsible. i am
trying my best to teach them the godly ways of life but in all the chaos i
feel like i am failing miserably. any suggestions?


  1. Reality is, we can't do everything, and we can't do too many things exceptionally well - something is going to suffer.

    We live in a culture where there truly is the myth of a super-mom who can do it all. But in my experience and in my opinion, we've been conned (or we've conned ourselves) into taking on too much, which still, in the end, denigrates our personal work and presence in the home in favor of something else, and usually it is our home and our children, our husband and our personal time that suffers.

    Reality is, we all know, something's awry when Mom takes on too much, and we don't fool ourselves or anyone else.

    If finances are forcing you to work, I'd be seriously looking at how to lessen living costs.

    As it stands? Unless you are looking at stepping away from external work, the best you could do is re-examine whether you need to work 'full time', and if not, whether it is possible to share job responsibilities with someone additional hired to share the load, and seek to spend more time with the kids and family and the home.

  2. Hi Holly,

    I am just wondering if it ever might be worthwhile to address this further? Just kind of thinking out loud here...

    Maybe a post talking about how our kids benefit when we stay at home...benefits to our spiritual life, our vocation, family, society etc.?