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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pulling It Together Again, Day 2

So today, in pulling things together anew, I continued with the tracking of my activities and began to work on organizing and de-cluttering my dining room - classroom - living room and moving things around to suit present needs.  Part of my day looked like this, according to my tracking:

7:30   water plants, feed dogs, make up, laundry, add to grocery list as I see needs
8:15   email
8:30   sorting classroom & dining room
10:15 coffee break & internet news
10:45 sorting classroom & dining room
12:00 lunch prep & clean up
12:20 Lunch
12:30 Quiet Time
1:30   continued in classroom, dining room
2:45  Computer work
3:30  continue classroom, dining room, living room
4:10  break

This began to show me that, as usual, there are large chunks of time available for projects between the meal times, and in the middle of those chunks, I usually need a break.  At some of those times, I include prayer to give the spiritual refreshment needed to carry on.

The template for organizing one's day *can* look something like this:

pre & post breakfast chores
project / break / project
pre & post lunch chores
mid-day break
project / break / project
pre & post supper chores

My schedule seems to work best by using those times in between meals for extended projects - be that organizing a room on a hot summer day, or weeding the garden, or running errands, or cleaning the house, or when fall comes, homeschooling during those hours.

Meanwhile, by having all the regular chores attached to meal times, there are periods of time in between that I can allot to various duties and work, depending upon the season, month, week or day - all the while keeping the meal times & meal chores constant. This immediately pulls the day together in an orderly fashion and brings a sense of control and order.

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  1. thanks for the post. I'm actually at this point too, but did not think about tracking my activities to see how to schedule an average day. This will be a good way to make a new rule.
    Thanks again.