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Monday, July 9, 2012

Pulling It Together Again, Day 4

Sunday, Day 3, was a day off! Lots of God! Lots of Family! Lots of Rest! Works for me...

Today, decided to set the basic get-up and meal schedules, and get those 'time-chunks' in place so I could do everything else. Looked like this:

6:00  Up, coffee, potty dogs
6:15  Prayer - Offering, Lit of Hours Morning Prayer, Intercession, Private chat with God
7:00  Hygiene, Makeup, Feed Dogs, Breakfast, Clean up, Check email, laundry

12:00 Lunch Prep & Kitchen/House Tidy, laundry
12:20 Lunch
12:30 Quiet Time - Scripture 15 min; Spiritual Read 15 min; 30 min Free (to snooze! :-)

And all the time in between, I was free to work.

Today, I cleaned my bedroom for 75 minutes, finished the classroom in an hour; and worked on the finances for the summer, handling receipts, setting up the office for a loooonnnnnggggg time (and am still completing this evening) - all of this, in between the two 'set' routines for get-up and breakfast/lunch, and the TBA supper routine.

When I am done with all the sorting and cleaning and arranging in the next couple of days, other things will come to fill in those 'chunks of time' - the attic renovations, the gardening, prepping homeschool for the Fall, and in the Fall, homeschooling will take its place inside those chunks.

Long Live Chunks of Time!


  1. Dear Holly,

    thank you for sharing how you are pulling things together at the moment. I find it very motivating for myself!

    Anne-Laure from Germany

  2. Hi Holly. I appreciate you taking the time to share this process. I was just wondering what your children are doing during your large chunks of time (& what their current ages are). With my little ones at age 9, 8, and 7 I can't quite imagine the day when I will have large chunks of time ever again!! It's also interesting to see how your rule has changed from the time you wrote your book to present-day. A good reminder about how fast these years at home go by.

    Thank you,