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Friday, July 20, 2012

Homeschool Lesson Plans for Many Children

Dear Holly, 
The Mother's Rule has helped me for the past 4 years, and I am constantly revisiting your book.  As I recently have "let things go" for a while, I am renewing my efforts to my vocation and really trying to get things in order before the next school year.  

One thing I have struggled with is creating a lesson plan chart for more than one child.  As a former teacher, I am used to writing out lessons plans in a lesson plan book, but I would like a more efficient way to list assignments and projects. Do you have some ideas?


  1. I use 2 methods -
    First, I use a weekly schedule for each of my kids which outlines their weekly lessons - just a normal file which divides up their work into weekly increments
    Week 10
    Religion - Chapter 10
    Math - pp 59-75
    Science - Lesson 8
    English - first half Chapter 6
    Literature - read story pp 78-90

    Then, for a daily summary that I can plan, with all my kids at-a-glance
    I use a non-dated appointment planner with 5 columns per page.

    This works well.

    Also - I often make a time-schedule for lesson times and divide it up according to who is doing what:
    So in the 10:30 time frame, I could have Virginia doing Math, Luke doing Science and Jessica doing Philosophy.

    Then, they are just working through their weekly plans just mentioned. If we need to stick to certain lessons in a certain week, they would have extra 'homework'.

  2. To clarify - the kids would only have extra 'homework' in a week if they did not finish their assigned lessons in the normal class-times. Usually, this is not an issue, although it can happen.

  3. Holly, do you use one two page spread per day or per week? So for instance, one page is one day with the kids names at the top and their activity/subject in the squares?

  4. I've used a page a week as I only have 3 children homeschooling now.