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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Occult Practices at Local Facility

Dear Holly,
You mentioned in your book that you dabbled with the occult as a teenager, and this had lasting effects on your spiritual life that you eventually had to be specifically released from.  I’m wondering if you can  help me with a question I have.  I came across an advertisement for a ‘seance’ that will be conducted at a public museum that I love to go to, and that I often take my kids to.  It is a great venue. There are terrific art and craft workshops for the kids, a great theatre that my husband and I attend (when we get the chance!) and the grounds themselves are beautiful – we often have picnic lunches there.   I am now a little uneasy about going there  knowing that black magic is practised there.  I know very little about the Occult. I have never participated in it, but I do know that it is extremely dangerous, and have made sure that I avoid it.

I know that by God’s grace certain places or things become ‘sacred’ – churches, saint’s relics, holy water etc.  Is the opposite true also? Can a place become ‘evil’ because of Satanic practices that occur there?  Am I putting myself and my family at risk by going to a place where I know Satanic practices take place?  I don’t want to be melodramatic about it, or superstitious, and I hope I don’t sound like a religious nut! Is my unease just an overreaction, or is it a sign that this is a place I should no longer frequent?  It would be a real shame not to take my family there because, as I said, it is an excellent educational source.

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  1. It seems the whole world has gone a bit cookoo at times! This is certainly one of them!

    I think you make a valid point - that there can be 'holy ground' - that consecrated to the Lord's service, it becomes almost a sacramental. But we also know that a place where occult and evil things happen can have a oppression hanging over it - hence why the Church encourages us to have our homes blessed, to sprinkle holy water, holy salt around our premises, etc...

    Obviously, this public place is being used as a forum for occultists, or, it may just be an inappropriate gag, but either way, obviously this is not good. We could never support that, and certainly never attend such an event.

    The impact on your family for other times, however, would have to be discerned as to it's real implications, if any...

    There are any number of places where the devil is alive and well - movie cinemas, stores that sell demonic or pornographic materials, etc... In these places, we would never frequent the problematic events or purchase the problematic merchandise, but we may not be able to 'get away from' the location or store itself. Some can be easily boycotted, but not all: Look at hospitals where abortions are performed - the epitome of evil - and yet, we often must frequent the hospital for the good it also does, and for our own healing when need be.

    I guess if it was just up to me - I'd never attend or support any occult event; I'd probably plant a few scapulars & holy medals on the place and sprinkle a little holy water for effect!!! :-)

    If I donated regularly, I would reduce my donation and tell them why; If I felt really strongly about it, I'd write a friendly letter explaining my thoughts about it, but also praising them for the good they do, and offer suggestions; and I'd probably still use the facilities for the good it does provide.... unless, the occult stuff was everywhere and very visible and my presence would be seen to support it - and in this latter case, I would remove my support and involvement.