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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where to Start on the 2nd P?

Dear Holly,
For several years now I have put myself very last most of the time. I recognize that I need more than I have been giving to myself, but I am really uncertain how to proceed. I have prayed about it and trust that God will answer me, but I would like to know if you have any suggestions for where or how to start. I tried thinking about what I am doing right but came up mostly blank. I have found a lot of joy in my life and I do not suffer from depression. I am not coming from a negative place in my life. Actually, I generally feel very fulfilled with the things I do although lately I have felt a need for something more. I have wanted to have a better, more focused rule recognizing that it will be a very good thing for me. I look at this as a good opportunity to make a very positive, very big change in my life. It feels right. I just find myself a bit clueless on figuring out this particular step.

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  1. Well, to start, you need to take a look at the areas that concern the 2nd P Person:

    What type of prayer schedule do you have? Sacraments?
    How much sleep are you getting?
    Are you exercising?
    What is your diet/nutrition like?

    Begin with these. In the MROL workbook, there are some questions that would assist you in designing these issues, in case you have it.

    Then, after this is in place, look at these areas:
    Am I spending any time in refreshing social encounters with friends? Perhaps a friend-outing every week or two to help lift your spirits and refresh you?
    Do I have any talents or interests that I am able to develop or apply in my community(s)? Can I continue to form myself in small ways? assist others in small ways?
    Am I getting a regular mini-retreat every month, at least a half day, that dedicates real time to God and spiritual reading in order to re-focus me on my vocation?

    And after this, you would begin to put into place a particular examen, in which you look at the spiritual/moral areas of your person, and begin to do small corrections to any behaviors you know are not in line with the Gospel.

    These should be good starting questions, and could possibly take you the year to begin to implement.