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Saturday, October 15, 2011

On Saints & On Dining Rooms...

Dear Holly,
Do you have a favorite saint or group of saints whose intercession is particularly applicable for us homeschooling mothers, trying to create faith-filled homes of beauty and order?

Also, in a week or two, we are moving to a new house. It will be a tight squeeze, and I am trying to think outside the box for how to use the rooms most effectively. I am trying to apply the Kindergarten Model of organization advocated in Julie Morgenstern's Organizing from the Inside Out , where she suggests putting all the things you need to do an activity in one place, the place where you do that activity. I am getting stuck when trying to figure out how to organize the tiny dining room -- with the thought that most of our "table work" will be done there. Do you have suggestions or thoughts about this idea?


  1. As per saints - I have always dedicated my homeschool to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and so, we call it "Immaculate Heart Homeschool". For myself, I have always had favorite saints I pray to, depending upon the need. Since JPII's death, I have found him a favorite given his love of 'life' and children and his deep love for the dignity of women. We also request prayers and intercession from two deceased priest friends of mine who were both educators and inspiring to me.

    I hope your move went smoothly and your family is all settled in. I have not read Julie's book, but I know that my dining room and classroom/library are in the same room, as both share the table. With a closed cupboard shelving unit in the hall just outside the room, I can keep the dining area relatively elegant with the 'library' feel, but the school supplies etc can be stored just around the corner in the hall cupboard, or in the same room with a dining room hutch, stowed behind closed doors. Perhaps this would be a good idea for you?

  2. We converted our front door coat closet into a shelved bookcase/school supply tote storage closet. We keep our coats in the closet near the door that goes out to the garage (which we use more often). When we have company we don't hang their coats but lay them on the bed in the master bedroom.