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Saturday, July 30, 2011

One on One Time with Kids

Dear Holly,
After going through the “Mother’s Rule Workbook” I was hoping I could get your input and the input of others on a specific area that our family struggles with. Under "Personal Relationship Time" you discuss spending time with the children individually so that they know they are loved and respected by me. How does a large family with many small children (we have many children 10 and under) accomplish this? Any suggestions or examples of what others do would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I think that the time spent with children individually need not be long, just consistent, regular. Tucking each child into bed individually and sitting on their bed, giving them a little kiss, hug etc with a quick little conversation would suffice - even if hubby and wife split up the kids, alternating on different nights. Other things like rotating children to help wash dishes, sitting in one's chair and talking with whomever wants to talk, being on the look out for a hug or small conversation with a child who is alone... I used to take a different child with me on my grocery nights each week, and they all looked forward to that. Having a rotating schedule for putting children in the front seat to chat with when one drives... All of these are ideas, instead of having a group-mentality only that does not have one-on-one time ever.

    This links to the blog of a Mom with 8 children, 6 with special needs. This was her post last month about how she and her husband handle one on one time.