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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moods and Feeling Down...

Dear Holly,
I can relate to so many things you wrote in your book. I, too am depressed and moody sometimes and haven't found help or anyone who will stick by me. I try to offer it up and take St John's Wort. I have prayed and prayed for God to take my moodiness from me and after many years have come to the conclusion that this is just the cross He has given me. None of this other stuff matters as long as I can one day hear God say "Well Done". Being the mother of five with a husband that has his own emotional issues is overwhelming sometimes. I am hoping that one day my rule will bring order to my vocation and help me to be the mother that God wants me to be.


  1. I will definitely pray for you. Moods and negative feelings are such a burden.

    You know, I had a real breakthrough a few years ago when I went to a naturopath and she recommended I go off of wheat and dairy for 2 weeks. Within 4 days, I had experienced a euphoria in mood that did not go away and I realized, from further experimentation, that milk caused me to be depressed and weepy. Go figure!

    As a result, I would strongly encourage you to begin to look toward daily diet as a possible cause of ongoing low-moods, as well as take advantage of the professional services of a naturopath or a medical practitioner as a start.

    There are other things too that influence mood - like spiritual life, psychological issues, lack of physical exercise, poor health, situations - but if you began to think: "I will take one whole year and exhaust the physical, spiritual and psychological causes of this depression/mood issues" , then one year from now, you may be very much better off. It is important to not give up that this can be healed, I think.

  2. I think that is an excellent idea, Holly. I experienced something similar a decade ago. I went on an elimination diet and within a few days found my depression lifted. It was the best I had felt in years and I was amazed. I personally can't eat wheat. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since my early teens. And I hate to say it but I doubt it will ever totally leave. But I have found many things that help me greatly. My body requires adequate sleep and that I go to bed early. I have to get outside. I have to exercise. And I have to make sure my body is getting the right nutrients via diet and supplements. And I have to avoid stress as much as possible. And confession and communion go a long way in my mental health as well! I wish I did not have to to go to such lengths to feel good and to function well. But it's still a huge burden lifted to be able to learn what my body needs and to meet that need as best I can. My husband and my children need me to take care of myself so I can best fulfill my role as wife and mother.

  3. I agree with everything you say 100%! Thank you for sharing this. You rightly point out that it is seldom 'one' sole reason why we experience these things - and it is usually a combination of a few factors that cause and can thus relieve depression and low moods. It took me many years to understand I could not shop for only 'one' reason... I only thank God I discovered the reality of 'many factors' and could also lift that burden.

  4. This is really great! Thanks Holly, MM and whomever brought this topic up in the first place!

    I'm 37yrs old and my husband and I are expecting our sixth baby early next year. Our oldest (son) is 8 1/2yr.

    I have struggled alot with this, "depression, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, even "episodes" that have been labeled by two doctors as "manic". Also I labeled my self as having a form of OCD symptoms. I've been to many a counselor, tried a half a dozen different "methods of treatment" and have a wonderful spriritual director (he officiated our wedding). I take a wonderful mixture of supplements (the best nutrition in the world!) from an amazing company that Pope JPII blest their mission twice and their is evidence that he took these supplements for his health issues.

    But, most days, I still felt like I lived at the bottom of a lake with a ball and chain around both feet and would have to swim to the top everyday and then somehow joyfully live my vocation!

    SO,this past March, on my oldest's birthday by a fascinating and miraculous series of events... after praying on the phone, with a amazing practicing Catholic and Grandma that I just met, "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy"... I found out about this place and two "therapists".

    I went this summer (only a month ago). It was a incredible blessing, miracle and gift on the healing journey, and answer to a deep and long lasting prayer that I'd almost given up hope on. I know with my whole being and in my soul, that my chains have been cut and I'm now FREE to be the true person God made me to be and really thrive instead of just survive!!! Thanks be to GOD!!!

    I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is interested in getting to the roots of their issues and has the courage to truly heal.

    There are only two places in the world right now that do therapy this way... one is Catholic. (I went there). It is solid and orthodox.

    Check out ""

    If anyone out there would like to ask me any further questions about this, please do! God Bless you Holly and all you do! You and your family are in my prayers and I can't thank you enough for your work and your website! God Bless!

    1. I'd love to know what the supplements are!

  5. I use Omega 3 fish oil, and B50. In the winter, I use Vit D if necessary. And at times, when hormones appear an issue, Evening Primrose Oil