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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is Summer Free Time?

Dear Holly,
With summer here, I am feeling particularly challenged by not knowing what to schedule in my 14 and 13 year old daughters' daily schedules. My first thought is to use the first morning hours, til 10, for chores, "family reading time" and other things like piano practice. That would leave lots of time to plan time with friends, etc. I also thought, since we pay for a swim club membership, that we could pick 2 or 3 days a week to go to the pool, leaving other days for trips to the shore, visiting, downtime at home, shopping/errands, etc. I am hearing lots of complaining from my older daughters, and before I address the complaining, I need to look at the heart of what they are complaining about. I do think they just have an unrealistic vision of summer as 100% free time, not scheduled.

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  1. Let me tell you what we do here in my family. I let the summer be a free-er time - but they still have all the normal chores around the meal times, regular prayer with the family, and restricted media use. But as for the rest of the time, I leave it up to the kids- encouraging projects they want to work on, having them help Daddy with things that need to be done, etc. I find they usually find something to do, if I restrict media, and it lends itself to a more relaxed summer break that is restorative for all involved.
    Your ideas of swimming and piano are all good - I'd have these as things decided upon every day, as opposed to an intense summer schedule.