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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby Steps to Success

Dear Holly,
I got your book a few years ago and read through it so quickly then put it away. But I found it again recently and now am trying to put some lessons from it into my daily routine. Whenever I try to do something like this, it always seems like a great idea and then falls through. So I am trying to take the tiniest steps possible. I have read through the beginning and am going to take things one P at a time. I have kept myself from reading past the chapter about the second P until I can get some healthy habits established about the first two. Right now I am adding a daily rosary and having the family say a hail mary together. It seems so little, but at least it is something. Perhaps with the prayer time built in, graces will flow for more than what we are doing now. I haven't tried to schedule anything beyond prayer time. Right now my rule is more of an attitude towards my vocation and just trying to see that even the little mundane things are holy acts when I should be finding Jesus.

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  1. I too know the phenomenon of being inconsistent and having things fall through!Regarding your idea of doing something small first - Yes, this is exactly the way to proceed - one small conscious act, repeatedly until made a habit, then move to the next.

    I too see the importance of focusing on your first two Ps - your spiritual life and your physical health. However, I would also recommend you begin on the organization of your home - the room analyses - and begin to declutter and organize to suit your family's needs, as well as to begin to establish initial chore charts. If you can bring order to a basic family schedule, it will go a long way in assisting you with all the other Ps.